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ABC is an Italian pharmaceutical group established in 1925, focussed on the manufacture and commercialisation of pharmaceutical products, and in particular on providing contract manufacturing services for orals solid and liquid formulations.

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ABC Farmaceutici has made significant investments in state of the art manufacturing facilities and has continuously expanded production capacity to respond to market and customer needs. Our manufacturing facility is fully GMP certified and operates to the highest possible quality standards.

ABC Farmaceutici, as part of ICE Pharma, is able to manage the whole supply chain of a drug, from the active ingredient through to the manufacture of the Finished Dosage Form, including marketing, promotion and sale.

Our knowledge, experience and reliability has enabled ABC Farmaceutici to become the CDMO partner of choice for many multinational pharmaceutical companies.

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The manufacturing plant is situated in the northwest of Italy (Ivrea near Turin). It is in a strategic position in Italy’s northern industrial heartland around 120 km from Milan. The plant is a modern example of high technology in the pharmaceutical manufacturing field and it occupies a total area of 76,000 square meters.

  • 50km
    from Torino
  • 120km
    from Milan
  • 76.000
    m2 facility
  • Ivrea


ABC was founded in Turin in 1925 by the pharmacist Giovanni Giraudi. In 1949, he turned the small company into a pharmaceutical company dedicated to the development and manufacturing of medicines for human health.

In 1960 the “ABC Research Centre” was established and several international patents were filed expecially in the pneumologic and gastroenterological fields. Some of these products are still available today such as Ansimar, Ursobil, Colifagina and Ferritin.

The growth continued and in the following years ABC Farmaceutici became very well recognised both at national and international level. In 2021 ICE Pharma bought ABC and it is now a fully integrated part of the company.


ABC Farmaceutici manufactures pharma dosages  in accordance  with the latest international  GMP guidelines and according to ISO 9001 & 14001.

In addition to the periodic audits of the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA), ABC is regularly inspected by a number of foreign Health Authorities and many multinational pharmaceutical companies to whom we provide contract manufacturing services.

ABC is capable to produce more than 40 Million boxes of pharma dosages per year and is authorised to produce the following oral dosages form:

  • tablets and coated tablets
  • immediate and modified release capsules
  • granules and powders
  • syrup and suspension
  • oral drops
  • mono and multidose vials with caps

ABC is also authorised for the production and packaging of stupefacient drugs.

Company Policies

ABC Farmaceutici is committed to ensuring safe and effective products, with the primary goal of marketing high-quality products to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is pursued and achieved while respecting environmental constraints, worker safety and health, and patient health.

In the link below, you can find the scope of the management systems, the integrated Quality – Environment – Safety and Health policy, and ABC Farmaceutici’s Energy Policy. For more details on other policies adopted by the company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Company Policy

Codes and Models - ABC

Egualia Code of Ethics – ABC Farmaceutici, being part of Assogenerici, adopted an ethic code containing the ethical principles and responsabilities that each member company is required to respect and inspire its business conduct from.

ABC Code of Ethics – ABC Farmaceutici Code of Ethics defines the values, principles and responsabilities to which the company and the group being part, ICE Pharma, must comply in the conduct of their business.

Legislative Decree 231 Model – ABC Farmaceutici adopted an Organization, Management and Control Model in order to build a system of control procedures, in compliance with Legislative Decree 231/2001. The supervision over its proper functioning is being undertaken by a specific Supervisory Board, nominated by the company itself.

Egualia Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Legislative Decree 231 Model

ABC Product Range

  • Branded Pharma

    ABC is present in the market with a wide range of branded products.

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  • Generic Pharma

    ABC is provided with a wide range of generic products covering the main therapeutical areas.

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  • Medical Devices

    Medical devices offer is focused in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and chronic dermatoses.

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  • Nutraceutical

    Nutraceuticals and supplements can provide both health benefits to reduce the risk of chronic diseases and enhance basic nutrition and well-being.

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  • Cosmetics

    IDIM has a long tradition in the formulation of specific products for hygiene and dermatological treatments.

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  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

    We are the experts in manufacturing bile acid APIs and the leading global manufacturer of Ursodexoycholic Acid (UDCA). We are also a major manufacturer of Inosine Pranobex.

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The contract manufacturing division of ABC Farmaceutici is dedicated to the production and development of active ingredients, and medicinal products for domestic and international companies.

CDMO development

The R&D department of ABC Farmaceutici provides contract manufacturing services in the following areas:

  • Formulation development of liquid and solid dosage forms for oral use
  • Analytical method development and validation
  • Manufacturing process development and validation
  • Scale-up of R&D, pilot and industrial scale manufacture
  • Stability studies (under ICH condition with different climatic zones)
  • Cleaning development and validation
  • Manufacturing of pharma dosages and placebo for clinical trials purpose
  • Support customers during clinical studies development
  • Development of regulatory dossiers for multiple countries in e-CTD format

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CDMO service

ABC Farmaceutici manufactures according with EU GMP rules and  is the right partner to assess technology transfer, for oral pharma dosage form.

ABC support CDMO customers for every activity involved in the transfer of a pharma drug; from R&D trials upto the validation batches, including analytical development & validation, ICH stability studies, process development & validation, support for the regulatory variation redaction and update of the e-CTD dossier.

ABC workshop is capable to produce more than 40 Million boxes per year and is authorised to manufacture the following oral dosages forms:

  • tablets and coated tablets
  • ready and modified release capsules
  • granules and powders
  • syrup and suspension
  • Oral drops
  • mono and multidose vials with caps

ABC is authorised for the production and packaging of stupefacient drugs too.

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Reserved Areas

ABC offers continued support and online training to pharmacists, doctors and sales agents for our products.

Reserved Area – Sales Network

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If you used an ABC product and you want to communicate a report to Pharmacovigilance office, please click on "View Here"


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News & Events

ABCCompany HighlightsNZP
January 25, 2023

ICE Pharma obtained the certifications ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 in its sites in Italy and New Zealand.

From planning, construction and operation of production facilities, we continue to implement global process safety standards and improve measures for incident prevention in all our plants across the world....

ABCCompany Highlights
December 16, 2021

ICE Pharma acquires ABC Farmaceutici S.p.A.

We are pleased to announce that on December 15th ICE Pharma completed the acquisition of ABC Farmaceutici S.p.A. (“ABC”). ABC is a pharmaceutical company based in Ivrea, Italy. Founded...

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ABC Farmaceutici S.p.A.
Canton Moretti, 29 – Località San Bernardo
10015 Ivrea (TO) – ITALY

Tel. +39 0125.240111 r.a.

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