Our Approach

We have set clear targets along four strategic pillars, supported by strong ESG governance and leadership

During 2022, we refined our long-term sustainability strategy and created an implementation roadmap that will guide our actions for the next three years. We describe the strategic choices that will define our way forward and the progress we are making against our roadmap within this report.

Our four pillars cover the essential aspects of ESG within our value chain, focusing on our ability to create value for our stakeholders.

We believe our sustainability strategy will support the long-term resilience of the business and our supply chain, while providing a source of pride and fulfilment for our employees. We will enable our partners and customers to continue developing and providing cures and treatments for a wide range of diseases.

Our strategy will contribute holistically to both a healthier society and environment through our sustainability practices.

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Our strategy

The four strategic pillars

  • Fighting illness through product innovation

    Serving our customers by providing innovative, safe, and high-quality pharmaceutical ingredients to help them build a healthier society.

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  • Accelerating sustainable operations

    We work to monitor and reduce our emissions, energy and waterconsumption. We do this through robust ECG governance based on processes and accountability.

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  • Building strong relationships

    We manage our supply chain in a transparent way with strong supplier relationships, corporate governance, and responsible business practices.

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  • Caring for people

    Our commitment to growing our people is focused on a transformational and inclusive culture while ensuring the wellbeing and development of our employees.

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Our strategy

The four strategic pillars