The German chemist Heinrich Otto Wieland revealed the structure of bile acids winning the 1927 Nobel Prize for Chemistry for his work.

Bile acids are a class of steroids and share the classic gonane A,B,C,D rings system (three cyclohexane rings A,B,C and the cyclopentane ring D) but with bridge head methyl’s at C10 and C13 and a short aliphatic side chain.  The side chain determines the class of bile acids of which there are four main types, C24, C25, C26 and C27.

Bile Acid Numbering (Cholic Acid shown)

Bile acids are structurally quite different than conventional steroids as they have an cis-fused A,B ring where the proton at C-5 is beta (5b-stereochemistry). Some bile acids in lower vertebrates, are allo-bile acids, which are flat due to A/B trans-fusion (5a-stereochemistry).

Chemistry teams are exploring the bile acid scaffold as platforms for drug discovery, novel anionic biosurfactants and utilising the solubilising properties of bile acids / salts as excipients for drugs and vaccines.

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