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We are specialists in carbohydrate chemistry, offering a catalogue of carbohydrate molecules for R&D and CDMO services for complex carbohydrates in clinical development.

Dextra provide world leading innovative synthetic solutions for the total synthesis of challenging complex carbohydrates. From a few milligrams to multi kilogram scale our chemists offer unparalleled expertise in oligosaccharide and chiral chemistry taking your project from discovery to clinical trial.

Our catalogue showcases a comprehensive source of carbohydrate products, exploiting the complexity and diversity of glycobiology.

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We offer a comprehensive custom synthesis service to take your project from discovery to clinical trial

Our core expertise includes complex oligosaccharide chemistry, route design, process development, optimisation and scale-up, process validation, technology transfer and GMP manufacture for Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials. Our fully equipped analytical laboratories offer expert support with a comprehensive range of analytical techniques available.

All activities are fully supported by a strong Quality Management System and Health & Safety Framework and we have successfully achieved ISO9001:2015 registration.

Our core technologies include:

  • Route design
  • Excellence in process development, optimisation and scale-up
  • Process validation
  • Effective multi-step synthesis
  • Technology transfer

Specialist manufacturing capabilities in:

  • sugar – protein/solid support conjugation chemistry
  • oxidation reactions
  • lactones
  • imino sugars
  • unnatural L-sugars
  • oligosaccharides
  • hydrogenation reactions

Discovery Chemistry

At Dextra we understand drug development programs are complex, challenging and that it all begins with an effective discovery phase.

We’ll evaluate candidate structures, provide expert advice on synthetic viability and complete the synthesis of early targets.

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Route Scouting

Our research and development team look for creative ways to prepare your compounds. We design synthetic routes and evaluate their viability with longer term goals of efficient, sustainable and robust process in mind.

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Process Development

We are experts in process development, problem-solving, optimisation and scale up. We look for innovative solutions to provide simplified processes and build in robustness.

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Tox Batches

Our synthetic services are fully integrated from discovery chemistry, through the pre-clinical development phase and on to GMP manufacture. This ensures efficient supply of material with appropriate control over the impurity profile.

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GMP Manufacturing

At our Reading site, we offer full cGMP manufacturing to support Phase 1 and Phase 2 clinical trials.

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Our Products

  • Blood Group Products

    Dextra have proven expertise in the manufacture of a wide variety of blood group products, from the standard blood group oligosaccharides, to those functionalised with a selection of linker arms.

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  • Glycoconjugates

    Naturally occurring glycoconjugates are known to be ubiquitous in nature and are vitally important in many biological processes including in cell-cell recognition and biological messaging.

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  • Oligosaccharides

    Dextra offers a wide range of glycans, blood group oligosaccharides and human milk oligosaccharides along with a wide range of specialty compounds.

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  • Monosaccharides

    Our range includes an extensive collection of phosphorylated sugars, sulfated sugars, halogenated sugars, iminosugars, protected intermediates and unusual lactones available as building blocks and basic research tools.

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  • Nucleosides & Nucleotides

    Naturally occurring nucleosides and nucleotides are ubiquitous in nature and are critical to DNA/RNA replication.

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  • Polysaccharides

    Polysaccharides are large polymers of repeating monosaccharide or disaccharide units. Dextra offers a wide variety of plant, microbial and animal derived acidic and neutral polysaccharides.

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