March 31, 2023

Check up your bias, Episode 1 – Bias with female colleagues

Today, we are here to introduce the first episode of Check up your bias.

We focused on 5 areas in which we have unconscious bias. Each area focuses specifically on different aspect of the workplace, the first one of which is the bias with female colleagues.

The work environment and relationships with colleagues can affect our health. So, if we are used to check-up our bodies, why can’t we check-up our bias too?


Often, women tend to be interrupted when they distance themselves or don’t look directly at the person they are talking to.


  • Did you just notice that a female colleague has been interrupted while she was speaking? Find a way to give her back her voice.
  • Do you have a doubt about what you are hearing? Write down your questions to ask at the end of the speech.
  • Your statement has abruptly been put to a stop? Kindly make your colleagues aware.


Nobody at should feel intimidated to express their ideas and share their knowledge. Therefore we ask you to start paying attention.

We would like to thank Cookies Agency for helping us in the development of this project.