April 5, 2023

Check up your bias, Episode 2 – Bias with job application

The second episode of Check up your bias has arrived!

This time, the episode focuses on Job Application. Filling out a job application is often the first step in applying for a job. Employers use it to learn about your qualifications and compare you to other applicants.

But, have you ever wondered how the gender of the applicants impact the outcome of the selection process?


Researches suggest that men tend to get promoted or hired based on their potential, women for their experience and their results


  • Are you interested in taking on a new position here? Try to send your application even if you don’t perfectly fit the profile.
  • Do you know a female colleague that would be perfect for that open position? Encourage her to apply.
  • Have you noticed that there are elements in our announcements that imply any sort of discrimination, like physical appearance or the specification of a marital status? Please let us know immediately.


When you have sent your application to Ice Pharma, did you really have all of the required characteristics, or were there some that you learned by doing the job? We believe that the best scouting is the one which takes into consideration what you could become.

We would like to thank Cookies Agency for helping us in the development of this project.