April 17, 2023

Check up your bias, Episode 3 – Bias with working parents

Here we are with the third episode of Check up your bias, which this time will be about working parents.

Nowadays, maternity leave is something widely accepted in our society. On the other side, the cultural context around paternity leave is changing, as more countries and companies are offering the benefit to new fathers

The aftermath of the leave, however, is still quite different when the gender of the employees is involved.

Would you like to know how the gender impact these dynamics?


In Italy, 9 fathers out of 10 believe that a dad who decides to go on paternity leave should be supported. Here at ICE Pharma we have the same belief, and, similarly, we want to support new mothers who decide to come back to work


  • If a parent colleague needs to leave early or come later for family reasons, avoid jokes and empathize with him or her.
  • Did you know that ICE Pharma has extended the length of family leave? Inform who you think could be interested.

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