March 15, 2024

DCAT Week 2024 – Kick off

Excited to kick off DCAT week alongside our ICE Pharma team, you’re all set to dive in! At ICE Pharma, we offer best-in-class products for the pharmaceutical industry, manufacturing a diverse range of bile acid derivatives utilized as APIs, excipients, nutraceutical ingredients, cell culture media, and intermediates.
In addition to our product offerings, we provide comprehensive contract manufacturing services for liquid and solid finished dosage forms, catering to both branded and generic products.
But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We’re proud to lead the charge in bile acid research, a field rapidly expanding thanks to a deepening understanding of their pivotal role in human metabolic functions.
Our extensive library boasts over 500 novel bile acid compounds, with unique properties and promising prospects. Indeed, Synthetically modified bile acids have demonstrated heightened biological activity, unlocking a realm of potential for novel drug development.
Don’t miss the chance to schedule a meeting with us at DCAT Week 2024. Together, let’s pioneer the next wave of therapeutic innovation.
We wait you at Lotte New York Palace – Suite number 4615!