May 24, 2023

ICE Pharma celebrated the first-year anniversary of its acquisition of the UDCA plant in Iwaki

The group has done an incredible job in completing the integration and establishing a new organisation in less than one year, as well as establishing good relationships with local groups and communities.

To celebrate this special occasion, ICE Pharma CEO, Agostino Barazza, and NZP General Manager, Ed Teece, had been invited by ICE Japan General Manager, Kailash Sharma, to visit the plant and attend the monthly Town Hall meeting.

The visit was held at the presence of the Mayor of Iwaki City, Mr. Uchida, who joined along with his full team, including the director of industrial promotion of Iwaki city.

We would like to thank our CEO and NZP GM for their contribution during the visit, along with Iwaki City Mayor, who has always been committed to supporting companies in the pharma and chemical sector.