May 5, 2023

ICE Pharma developed a new website to offer a comprehensive range of bile acids compounds

ICE Pharma has developed a new website where we offer our unique and comprehensive range of bile compounds. These compounds includes human, animal species and synthetic bile acids, their salts and amino acid conjugates. They are available for order through the website in quantities from milligrams to kilograms.

Our aim is to support research and development in both commercial and academic institutions who are working in the bile acids field. In particular, we hope to support those who are engaged in identifying and developing new medicines.

In addition, as the bile acids expert, we synthesise and develop new chemical entities using our extensive knowledge of bile acid chemistry. This has led to the creation of a library of approximately 500 modified bile acid structures which is available for screening as potential candidates for new drugs.

if you are interested in screening our library or developing new medicines based on bile acids, please click on the link below.