March 15, 2023

ICE Pharma launches the project Check-up your bias to promote gender equality in workplace

Bias, especially in the workplace, affects all of us.

Even if we are willing to give the best of ourselves, sometimes we unknowingly engage in different behaviors according to the gender of the person we are interacting with. These are called “unconscious bias”, and the good news is that the first step in overcoming them is by becoming aware of them.

To achieve this goal, ICE Pharma collaborated with Cookies Agency on a project to involve our employees worldwide. It required us to find a common international language, and with the help of the illustrator Léonie Desprès, we were able to speak clearly to different people and cultures within our group.

The result of this work is enclosed in Check up your bias, a communication project composed of 5 episodes to support our HR Department in building a healthy and supportive work environment across all our sites worldwide.

Every week we will share one of these episodes to provide people with a better understanding of the involuntary mechanisms that can generate uncomfortable situations or discrimination inside the workplace.

Stay tuned!