Products for the Nutraceutical market

We offer a range of branded nutraceutical supplements and we are also a provider of bile acid nutraceutical ingredients.

Nutraceutical in a nutshell

The gut microbiome consists of the microbial community found in the small and large intestines

The microorganisms in the gut are collectively known as the microbiota and play a vital role in human health.

Bile acids are manipulated by the gut microbiome, being involved in glucose and fat metabolism through a complex signaling system. For this reason, bile acids are essential for fat solubilization and aid digestion.

  • Ingredients

    Our bile acid based nutraceutical ingredients are manufactured at NZP and BBA to the highest quality standards and have full product traceability.

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  • Branded products

    Our branded nutraceutical supplements focus on strengthening the immune system and on supporting a healthy gut.

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