Regulation and information for the use of WiFi-Guest

General information

In ICE’s offices there is a WiFi service available to guests invited by ICE internal resources. The service allows guests who have requested it, to access to the Internet through the use of their own devices such as laptops, smartphones, tablets and similar technologies, equipped with a WiFi network card.

Type of data, purpose and duration

The system implicitly collects some data from the equipment used and about users as they are necessary for the function of the system itself. The categories of data that could be recorded are exhaustively defined:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email address
  • the IP addresses, mac address and device names
  • Operating system used
  • the web addresses of the requested resources (url)
  • the start and end time of the connection
  • the time of the request
  • method used to submit the request to the server

The system keeps this information stored for a limited period of 30 days.

How to access the service

The connection to the WiFi service is allowed upon request of connection made by the guest (user of the service) to an ICE employee authorized to grant access. To make the sign-in request, the user must first enter, on the login screen:

  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email address

Disclosure/communication to third parties

The data will not be disclosed, transferred or exchanged in any way with third parties. If requested, the acquired data must be made available to the Judicial Authority (e.g. Postal and Communications Police), if requested. The data regarding the use of the WiFi network will be kept in the utmost confidentiality, for a limited period of time (30 days),in compliance with current regulations.


Navigation data is implicitly collected by the WiFi system as it is necessary for its operativity. Missed provisioning of the data prevents ICE from providing the service itself.

Categories of recipients of personal data

The data collected by the WiFi system will be (eventually) visible exclusively to ICE’s internal or external resources, appointed “in charge of processing” by the Data Controller.

User’s obligations

The user is directly responsible for the activities carried out during the connection to Internet through the WiFi service. The user is required to carefully store his device (PC, smartphone, tablet, etc.) already configured for such use and is responsible for any improper use of the same. In particular, during the use of the WI-FI service it is forbidden:

  • perform any activity that is contrary to Italian and European legislation
  • Surname
  • perform any activity aimed at circumventing or deceiving ICE’s network access control and/or security systems.

Right of data subjects

Users of the WiFi service have the right of access, rectification, deletion of data (right to be forgotten) on request to be forwarded to the Data Controller in the contact details indicated.

Data controller

The data controller is ICE S.p.A., registered office via Sicilia 8/10, 42122 – Reggio Emilia (RE) – Italy. For any information or request you can write to privacy@iceitaly.com

Limitations of liability

The WiFi service user:

  • is aware that the WiFi network service is provided through shared and limited bandwidth usage and consequently the provision of the service and its quality are not guaranteed;
  • acknowledges that the service manager is in no way responsible for the content, quality and validity of any information found on the network, nor for the outcome of transactions with particular reference to those of a commercial nature with the use of electronic payment systems or similar techniques – which the user wanted to carry out;
  • assumes full responsibility for the actions performed during the use of the WiFi service and for the content of the messages transmitted;
  • observes the current laws on copyright and privacy protection as well as the specific criminal rules related to the IT and electronic communication sector, as well as any other general legal provisions.

Consent to the use of data

By using ICE’s WiFi Guest service, you agree to these terms and give consent to the processing of the data specified in this policy solely for the purposes of use indicated in it.