Our business

We offer best-in-class products and services for the pharmaceutical industry

Our core business includes the manufacture of active pharmaceutical ingredients, the most important of which is Ursodeoxycholic Acid (UDCA) used to treat liver diseases and gallstones. We develop and manufacture a range of bile acid derivatives that are used as excipients, nutraceutical ingredients, cell culture media and intermediates.

We also provide contract manufacturing services for liquid and solid finished dosage forms for branded and generic products.

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At ICE Pharma sustainability is an integral part of our business plan

We have undertaken various initiatives in Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) fields which are monitored and reported annually in the corporate sustainability report.

We have embarked on an ambitious plan that includes significant investments in technologies and assets that will reduce our environmental footprint. At ICE Pharma we never compromise on the Environment, Health or Safety.

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Research & Development

We are the leading expert in bile acid chemistry

Our distinctive strength is a profound knowledge of bile acids synthesis and chemical behaviour and its application in medicines. Our research is conducted in 5 global R&D centres and our technologies embraces both organic and enzymatic chemistry.

Our innovative research includes the development of bile acid molecules derived from plant based raw materials and the identification and synthesis of novel bile acids with potential biological activity. This has resulted in ICE Pharma being granted a number of international patents.

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Quality & Compliance

Peace of mind when the choice of supplier is critical

ICE Pharma is committed to the highest standards of quality and regulatory compliance. Our long experience in the manufacturing process of bile acids derivates and our extensive knowledge in managing specific issues related to animal derived products, allows us to maintain industry-leading quality & safety standards at each of our sites around the world.

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Our culture

One of the secrets to our success is our strong company culture

Our culture is reflected in our behaviour and this is one of our most important intangible assets. This culture can be defined by three different pillars which together form the foundation of our company.

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For more than 70 years ICE Pharma has been a reliable and trusted supplier to the pharmaceutical industry

Since our establishment in 1949 in Reggio Emilia (Italy) the company has grown from being a small, single site business into a worldwide supplier and manufacturer in four continents with customers in over 50 countries.

Since 2019 ICE Pharma has been owned by Advent International, one of the world’s largest private equity groups, who has supported significant expansion of the company’s activities.

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ICE Pharma executive team is composed of experienced professionals with backgrounds in the management of multinational companies

The executive team is responsible for implementing the company’s strategy. The management ethos is one of diversity and inclusion which is enshrined in our cultural pillars of Unity, Evolution and Achievement.

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