Products for the pharmaceutical industry

Our extensive range of products are manufactured from gram to multi-tonne scale and at our dedicated GMP facilities and exported world-wide.

Pharmaceutical in a nutshell

The experience in the pharmaceutical field allowed us to develop a wide offer of APIs and intermediates

Our most relevant production is the Ursodeoxycholic Acid (UDCA), an Active Pharmaceuticals Ingredient used to manufacture medicines for the majority of liver disease.

On top of API production, we are specialized in the manufacturing of oral liquid and solid finished dosage forms, including capsules, tablets and syrups.

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API)

    We are the experts in manufacturing bile acid APIs and the leading global manufacturer of Ursodexoycholic Acid (UDCA). We are also a major manufacturer of Inosine Pranobex.

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  • Finished Dosage Forms (FDF)

    We manufacture and package a range of pharmaceutical products including branded and generics finished dosage forms in our state of the art facility at ABC.

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  • New Chemical Entities (NCE)

    Using our expertise in bile acid chemistry we have developed a library of novel compounds for use in medical research and clinical development.

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  • Excipients

    We manufacture a range of GMP functional excipients derived from bile acids that can be used for both oral and injectable formulations.

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  • Intermediates

    We manufacture a range of bulk pharmaceutical intermediates for supply to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide.

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  • Diagnostic / Culture Media

    We develop and manufacture several refined bile products that are used as selective inhibitory agents in bacteriological media.

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  • Blood Group Antigens

    We offer a variety of Blood Group Antigens deriving products, from standard blood group olisaccharides, to those functionalised with a selection of linkers.

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  • Medical Devices

    Medical devices offer is focused in the treatment of gastrointestinal disorders and chronic dermatoses.

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