ICE’s executive management team is led by CEO Agostino Barazza, supported by a Board of Directors and backed by the private equity group, Advent International.

Each member of the Executive team have specific functional roles and are responsible for the implementation of the company strategy in their areas. The Executive team share the responsibilities of ensuring the group is adhering to our health, safety, ethical and legal policies. The team is committed to managing according to the company cultural pillars of Unity, Evolution and Achievement.

Agostino Barazza

Chief Executive Officer

Roberto Baima

Group Head of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs

Fernando Ballester

Chief Financial Officer

Solange Baruffi

General Counsel

Massimiliano Bettini

Chief Procurement Officer

Stefano Bianchi

Group Head of Research & Development

Chiara Mangiarini

Group Human Resources Director

Massimo Merlo

Chief Operating Officer

Luca Sartorello

Chief Transformation Officer

Roger Viney

Chief Commercial Officer

Edward Teece

General Manager - NZP

Pramod Kumar

Managing Director - Raichem

Kailash Sharma

General Manager - ICE Japan

Severino Previtali

Business Unit FDF Director

Victorio Gomiero Neto

General Manager - BBA