From both business and people perspective, the behavioural competences are as important as the functional competences

Our culture is reflected through a set of behaviours which are at the core of ICE’s character as a company and can be considered one of our intangible assets.

They can be collected into three different pillars, which together form the foundation of our conduct as individuals and as a group.

Our three pillars



Effective Communication Global Collaboration

As a business we unite through our effective communications and transparency of operations. We work together to deliver our objectives and priorities.

ICE Pharma company culture is strong and is continually reinforced through global collaboration as we benefit from our diverse cultures, share our knowledge and experiences and grow together.

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Strategic Action Continuous Transformation

Our decisions are carefully considered as we position our business for long term growth and continuous but sustainable transformation.

Taking a big picture view, we encourage critical thinking and exploring best practice to drive continuous improvement and capture new opportunities.

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Leading By Influence Enabling Performance Valuing Personal Growth

Managers lead through influence and ownership of decisions and follow through with our commitments.

We create an environment where employees are valued, accountable and we enable their performance and success.

Employee input is encouraged, and we celebrate employee achievements.

As a professional organisation, we encourage career progression and provide the support for staff to reach their full potential.

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