Our ambition

We will use our expertise to support the research and development of new medical treatments based on bile acids

Our ambition is to build on our legacy of more than 70 years of experience to drive product innovation, to develop new drugs and to address unmet medical needs, led by investment in our world-class biliary acid research and innovation.

At the same time, we are looking to become less reliant on animal by-products and to reduce our chemicals and energy resources in production.

We also see research and innovation as a driver to improve human wellbeing and we direct our investments to positively impact the healthcare industry.

Our targets

Product continuity and sustainability

  • Commit at least 50% of our R&D investments to initiatives that drive product continuity and sustainability each year, including alternative ingredients and processes with a lower environmental impact.
  • Engaging a minimum of two customers per research initiative addressing product sustainability.

Impact on the healthcare industry

  • Introduce one new molecule as a lead candidate for pre-clinical studies every two years.