January 25, 2023

ICE Pharma obtained the certifications ISO 45001 and ISO 50001 in its sites in Italy and New Zealand.

From planning, construction and operation of production facilities, we continue to implement global process safety standards and improve measures for incident prevention in all our plants across the world.

Within our global framework for safety in operations, as well as protection of people and the environment, we have developed a plan for every plant by considering the key aspects of safety, health and environmental protection.

Furthemore, we consider a strategic corporate objective to reach a continuous improvement of energy efficiency by minimising the energy consumption of our plants, while increasing energy efficiency through strong processes, continuous improvement, and strategic investments.

Thanks to the stringent control we put in maintaining the highest level of safety across the entire plant’s life cycle, as well as reducing our environmental impacts, we have recently obtained in our three Italian sites in Reggio Emilia, Basaluzzo and Ivrea the certification ISO 45001, the global health and safety management standard.

In addition, the sites in Reggio Emilia and Basaluzzo, along with our site in New Zealand, has been also certified ISO 50001, for their Energy Management Systems.