Our ambition

Our ambition is to promote inclusive decision-making and a caring culture

We want to create a workplace where our employees can reach their full potential, thrive and grow in a safe environment.

At ICE Pharma, we are committed to caring for our people, investing in their training and development, as well as their health and safety. We focus on recruiting without prejudice while respecting and promoting diversity.

Our commitments

  • Training & Development

    Invest in training and development thereby providing employees with the right skills to achieve their full potential.

  • Diversity

    Promote diversity in our workforce by embedding our DE&I policy and ensuring our recruitment practices are inclusive and free from discrimination.

  • Work environment

    Ensure regular monitoring and reporting of human capital data to evaluate our effort towards employee development and adequate work environment.

  • Inclusivity

    Recruit at least one female member to the Board of Directors by 2023