Report of suspected adverse drug reactions

Reports of suspected adverse drug reactions allow us to detect potential warning signs relating to the use of medicines, so as to make them safer, for the benefit of all patients.

If you, or a person you know, has taken an ABC Farmaceutici drug, you can report a suspected adverse reaction to the Pharmacovigilance office by filling in the fields below, providing the following information:

  • Patient who experienced the adverse effect: the initials of the name and surname, sex, age, age group or date of birth are sufficient.
  • Reporter: the initials of the name and surname of the person making the report and contact details are sufficient.
  • Drug: The name of the medicinal product or active ingredient suspected of causing the adverse reaction.
  • Adverse reaction: description of the adverse effect that occurred.

The reports may take into account information suitable for revealing the state of health. These particular categories of data are processed to guarantee the public interest in the public health sector and guarantee the safety of medicines.

Considering that your personal data will be processed, pursuant to Regulation (EU) no. 679/2016, we invite you to read the information attached here – Information on the processing of personal data

Consent to be contacted again

By giving your consent to be contacted again, the data you provide will possibly be used to request further information regarding the report you made, and to investigate any elements that may improve its effectiveness.

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